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Set Your Intentions

Setting an attention is something I like to do each morning to start my day the best way possible for me. We create our own realities and our thinking and our thoughts are so important to help us with everyday living, our mood, our energy. We are what we think about. Literally if you start off on the wrong foot, the day doesn't go well but equally if we start on the right one things go so much more smoothly. When I am pouring my candles & diffusers I set the intention of love & light in everything I create. My workshop is full of good intentions and this is the way I like to work.This leads to a better experience both in workshop and when it goes to the customers. I want my customers to receive the best, to have love & light in every aspect of your life, to get the best out of each product we create. This is such an important part of my brand and my personal life. Of course, I am human so when I feel I need time out, I take the time for myself to relax, meditate or read one of my favorite books. What good thoughts do you want to create today. Start your day off on the right foot, create more prosperity & abundance in your own personal life. It's literally just a better routine and a better way of thinking. Be more aware of what you think about on a daily basis and give yourself that time to create better intentions in your life.

  • Start your morning by writing down the way you want your day to go.
  • What are you Grateful for today.
  • Remember throughout the day we have a choice in the way we think.
  • Check in on yourself regularly: are you thinking positive or negative thoughts.
  • Take time for you, do things you really love to do. 
  • Hang out with people who lift you up.
  • Know you are perfect and tell yourself this daily.