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Reed diffusers versa flower diffusers

What is the difference between a reed diffuser vs flower diffuser? 

Reed diffusers typically have around 6-8 wood or fibre sticks that sit into a diffuser bottle to soak up the scent. At regular intervals you need to flip these reed sticks to get continuous aroma throughout the home. These reed diffusers can typically last anywhere from 2-4 months depending on the type of scent used.

When it's comes to the flower diffusers, it's the same idea except you have a sola flower which is made from marshy plant. This flower is sustainable and eco friendly. These beautiful flowers are handmade and have a cotton rope that sits into the diffuser bottle. It soaks up the scent similar to the reed diffusers but with the flowers you do not have to flip on a continuous basis. All the scent sits on top of the flower and diffuses out into the air and can last for up to 16 weeks. The flower holds the scent very well and even after the diffuser is gone, you can still get a beautiful scent throw from the flower. You can also re-use these flowers in smaller areas in your home, like your wardrobes, cupboards or even in the car to get more of a timeframe from your flower and scent. These flowers are also a lovely addition to put into a vase your mantelpiece after they are finished in your diffuser.

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