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How long do flower diffusers last?

A flower diffuser is very similar to your reed stick diffusers in the sense that it soaks up the scent mixture from the diffuser bottle. 

A sola flower has a cotton wick that sits into the diffuser bottle and soaks up the mixture, unlike the traditional reed stick diffusers which need to be flipped every 4/5 days to keep the aroma in the air. The flower has the added benefit of not having to do any of this. You put the flower in place and it works for up to 16 weeks. 

The flower itself really has a long life span as it holds the scent very well. I always like to tell people that once the flower has dried up you can always use it again in various ways. Putting it into your car to get more time out of the aroma, put into smaller areas in the home, like your wardrobes or simply into a little vase for a decorative effect.

You are going to see a lot more flower diffusers coming to the market. These flowers are truly amazing and they can really add class and aroma to the home. The simpleness and uniqueness of these flowers with the added benefit of not having to remember to flip them over is definitely a game changer. 

Last up to 16 weeks.