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Rediscovering Myself: Overcoming Negative Thoughts and Embracing my love for scents

Growing up as the only girl in a big family, I faced challenges in school without the awareness of learning disabilities. The constant feeling of inadequacy and negative self-talk plagued my early years. Despite a supportive family, the struggle continued, leading to a deep-seated hatred for myself.

School became a battleground, and every parent-teacher meeting turned into heartache. The negative voices in my head, labeling me as stupid and worthless, grew louder. I reached a breaking point after my junior cert, contemplating leaving school altogether.

A conversation with a friend opened up new possibilities. Instead of quitting, I opted for a different path - the Leaving Cert Applied program. This decision marked the beginning of my journey to self-discovery.

For the first time, I realized I wasn't as unintelligent as I believed. The constant comparisons to my older brother were damaging, highlighting the need for individualized teaching and support. As a mother now, I see the importance of recognizing and assisting students who may require extra support.

The turning point in my life led to quieter inner voices and a gradual boost in confidence. I delved into understanding my mind, discovering that societal expectations had falsely shaped my self-perception. Moving to a new school allowed me a fresh start, paving the way for self-acceptance and love.

My post-school life became a journey of exploring creativity and self-discovery. Embracing concepts of self-acceptance and understanding the power of our thoughts, I learned that we have control over our own environment and mindset. The core message is that our self-perception can greatly influence our mental well-being.

Embarking on my personal growth journey has led me down various paths, including becoming a Reiki master and delving into nutrition. The pursuit of knowledge has been a constant, and my current focus is on embracing creativity. Over the years, I've developed a deep appreciation for aromas and their ability to seamlessly integrate into daily life, influencing moods and environments. Aromas play a significant role in our home, whether setting the tone for a busy day in the workshop, creating a soothing atmosphere for self-care evenings, or providing a quick fix for unexpected guests. Exploring different scents has become a delightful journey, each aroma triggering cherished memories and enhancing various aspects of my life.

In conclusion, my story emphasizes the impact of self-perception on our mental health. Overcoming negative thoughts and finding tools has allowed me to shape my own reality.

It took time, but by looking within, I found my purpose in life. The key takeaway is that our thoughts matter more than external opinions. Despite societal pressures and outside influences, it's crucial to prioritize our own beliefs, fostering a positive mindset and self-love.