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Not Just A Candle!

I speak from the heart when I say, Its not just a candle, Here in R&G We pride ourselves in the quality we bring to the table.I handcraft all these candles with so much love & light, We created these candles to give the best to our customers with the added extra of our guided meditations.

I want Men & Women to look after themselves more, to create time for themselves, life is so short, we spend so much time sweating the small stuff and not looking after our mental health, our minds and our bodies. We are constantly on overdrive and yes I am speaking to you from experience. We go about our days, working and taking care of the little ones but by the time evening comes, we are exhausted and haven't the energy for much else, we sit down put the feet up and scroll through our phones on social media sites or watching Netflix, looking at what every one else is doing and wishing for more. We wish for more time & freedom, we wish life was easier and we create this negative attitude around and around in out heads.

We are what we think, everyone in this world has the same amount of time and energy. Stop looking at what we don't have and create thoughts around what we want and desire. Turn off the screens and spend your time more wisely, Create, Think and Visualize what you truly want in your life. Think about what you are grateful for today, put more time into positive thinking, into what we would want our day to look like. Set intentions, Start your day off on the right foot, get up 15mins earlier, light your candle and scan for your guided meditation.  


Gina x